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Dr. Jeff on TV

Over the past few months, Dr. Jeff Johnson, Fort Worth Chiropractor, has made several appearances on WFAA-TV!

Graston Technique and How it Can Relieve Pain

(December 11, 2008)

Dr. Jeff details many of the benefits of the Graston Technique and explains how it can help relieve pain. Click here to watch.

Decompression Therapy and a Pain-Free Holiday Season

(November 19, 2008)

Dr. Johnson teaches viewers about disc degeneration and how decompression therapy can help relieve pain. Click here to watch.

Chronic Pain and Laser Technology

(October 30, 2008)

Dr. Jeff Johnson shares the benefits of laser therapy, including how it can help individuals get past chronic pain. Click here to watch.

Stress and Weight-Loss

(October 1, 2008)

Dr. Jeff explains how he can analyze and help you understand how stress may be impacting your health and your attempts to lose weight. Click here to watch.